Gift Ideas For The Makeup Lover

Do you know a makeup lover but are having a difficult time trying to find a good gift for them? I mean there are so many different makeup brands and choices to choose from, or maybe they seem to already have all the makeup one could possibly need!  Well as a makeup lover myself I can tell you we never have enough makeup, lol and because there is an endless amount of choices I put together a list of a few good gifts anyone could enjoy especially a makeup junky.

Around this time of year Sephora always has value sets that I always take advantage of. They are priced great and you get more bang for your buck in my opinion. From lips, eyes, skin to brushes. If you have a Mac Girl on your hands Mac cosmetics always have gift sets during this time as well. Check out a local Sephora or Mac today and take a look or visit the websites here

Another good idea to put your own personal touch to would be to make A Makeup Lover’s Gift Box or Gift Basket where all things makeup related could be added. For example cell phone cases that are makeup themed, necklace, or apparel. I found this little gem on instagram, they have all three of those, all makeup themed, check them out here    and then throw in a new lipstick shade or an eye shadow palette. The color wheel shadow palette from Kat Von D is gorgeous.  You can find this in Sephora as well.


Some of the most sought after lipsticks this season are from Jeffrey Star, (www.jeffreystarcosmetics)   Anastasia Beverly Hills (  and Dose of Colors (  that would sure to bring a smile to anyone receiving them. I hope these ideas and links to websites help you narrow down some makeup gift ideas. Happy shopping and enjoy the holidays.

Love, Peace and Makeup Grease

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