Gift Ideas For The Makeup Lover

Do you know a makeup lover but are having a difficult time trying to find a good gift for them? I mean there are so many different makeup brands and choices to choose from, or maybe they seem to already have all the makeup one could possibly need!  Well as a makeup lover myself I can tell you we never have enough makeup, lol and because there is an endless amount of choices I put together a list of a few good gifts anyone could enjoy especially a makeup junky.

Around this time of year Sephora always has value sets that I always take advantage of. They are priced great and you get more bang for your buck in my opinion. From lips, eyes, skin to brushes. If you have a Mac Girl on your hands Mac cosmetics always have gift sets during this time as well. Check out a local Sephora or Mac today and take a look or visit the websites here

Another good idea to put your own personal touch to would be to make A Makeup Lover’s Gift Box or Gift Basket where all things makeup related could be added. For example cell phone cases that are makeup themed, necklace, or apparel. I found this little gem on instagram, they have all three of those, all makeup themed, check them out here    and then throw in a new lipstick shade or an eye shadow palette. The color wheel shadow palette from Kat Von D is gorgeous.  You can find this in Sephora as well.


Some of the most sought after lipsticks this season are from Jeffrey Star, (www.jeffreystarcosmetics)   Anastasia Beverly Hills (  and Dose of Colors (  that would sure to bring a smile to anyone receiving them. I hope these ideas and links to websites help you narrow down some makeup gift ideas. Happy shopping and enjoy the holidays.

Love, Peace and Makeup Grease


Living in a military town makes for a high demand for boudoir photos more than any other photos requested. Our husband deploy for long periods of a time, they go out to train, to the field or to school for different amounts of time and we learn to love differently. We learn to work out long distance relationships, to come up with new ways to communicate and continue to date our spouses. We are always trying to find a way to keep the relationship alive and continue to grow even when we are apart from our better halves. One of the most popular ways to do that is for the wives to do boudoir photography sessions. A bedroom, hotel or somewhere that creates an intimate setting for classy, elegant and sexy all wrapped into one photo that is flattering for that woman’s body type. These are usually presented as gifts for the husband when they come back from deployment or sent to them as they are on deployment. My job as the makeup and hair artist isn’t just to put on some makeup and make them look pretty. Most woman are pretty nervous about taking these intimate photos in front of a complete stranger. My job is to treat them just like I would a talent on set. Talk to them as much about everyday life, get them laugh, loosen up, build up reassurance and confidence in the photographer they are about to shoot with and in themselves. By the time they get the mirror in their hands and see the finished work; that makeup and hair has now boosted their confidence even more and made them feel beautiful. When you feel beautiful you deliver beautiful pictures. I always say makeup can bring out a certain type of confidence in yourself you never knew existed, it just enhanced the beauty that was already there. These pictures were makeup and hair done by me and photography done by the talented Melissa Harshbarger at . The second photo was a candid photo I took after I finished packing my kit and she was looking down at her son she felt so beautiful and I felt it captured how she felt . If you were on the fence about taking boudoir photos I hope this post inspires you to find a great professional photographer and hair and makeup artist to help you bring out the beauty you already possess and have an awesome experience with great photos to cherish.

Love, Peace and Makeup Grease


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Barber Battle Hawaii BTS

I had the pleasure of making up one of the battle round girls for the Barber Battle May 18th, 2013 In honolulu, Hawaii. This is where the barbers got down using their skills to create over the top, creative masterpieces. Cutting designs that I have yet to see anywhere else. This was a must see event, high energy, creative art everywhere and loads of fun. I kept that in mind when I did this look. With her makeup I did a white base on lids using Nyx, as I cut creases in charcoal by Mac and signed my autograph with blacktrack and 209 brush 🙂


Why Hire A Professional Makeup Artist for My Wedding Day, I Mean Its Only Makeup Right?

So you have spent money finding the perfect dress, a photographer, wedding coordinator, the perfect venue, food and music but thinking about skimping on the makeup?

Listen, can I be honest for a minute? How in the hell do you go spending all the money on your dress, the venue, the music, photographer, videographer and then have the audacity to look for a professional to do your makeup and want to pay your best friends , baby daddy’s, cousin on his momma side , with the lace front wig that starts at her eyebrows type of money? You want quality work for cheap prices? Like the commercial said “That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!” These pictures will be yours FOREVER so your appearance should be important enough to you to find someone with quality work, do your trial to make sure their work holds up and pay them what they deserve. Do you really want to look back at your wedding pictures 10 years from now and see your hair and makeup looking like a trend that you can’t even remember was popular on instagram ie, the sharpie brow, the heavily highlighted brow, the penis contour nose? I mean really, if that doesn’t convince you here are a few more points to remember.

My top reasons for hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding:

BE INFORMED: as a makeup artist it is imperative that we have knowledge and experience in different products and makeup lines. This is the driving force on selecting the right products for each bride and knowing what will work best for different skin types and skin conditions. Just because your sister or mother swears by a certain product doesn’t mean it will work well for your skin type or more importantly, last all day for your special occasion.

PROBLEM AREAS, WHO DOESN’T: corrective makeup is the first thing most makeup artist learn, it’s beauty101. Whether you suffer from acne, dark under eye circles, dry skin, oily skin, rosacea, sun damage, or scarring from acne, every bride wants a flawless face. A professional makeup artist is trained in making sure all problem areas are seamlessly covered. Make sure to address all your skin concerns. The best time to do that would be at the trial run. Our job is to make you feel beautiful inside and out. Do not hesitate to voice your skin concerns, we pass no judgement and can guide you in the best regimen prior to your wedding day to ensure you put your best face forward.

TRIALS: trial runs before your wedding are extremely important. This is the time you meet your artist and make sure he/she is compatible with you. You should be able to voice all your concerns and what looks you have in mind. You want and artist who will listen to you. It’s also a great time to be open in trying new things. Ever wanted to try a certain lip color but not ready to step out of your comfort zone? Especially since that meant buying a product you may never wear? At the trial run you can try different products and colors without having to buy the product. This is also the time where you will get a customized look just for you for your wedding. When your day finally arrives, your makeup will not be anything you worry about.

YOUR WORTH IT: sure you may know a close friend or family member who could do your makeup but that can sometimes be a disaster. They have more things on their mind than just focusing on you. A professional makeup artist is hired to focus on you and to set an environment that is relaxing and take care of all your beauty needs. The only thing your should have to worry about is saying “I do”!

Hello world!

I started pursing artistry as a professional five years ago but have always been a makeup junky at heart. Who doesn’t love makeup right. Anyway the more I work in this industry the more I have grown and learned its more to this shit than just glitz and glamour and this is my outlet for my own personal journey through this crazy career as an artist.